ThermaFlex™ 1.5mm Legs

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NEW for 2018 The Rooster® ThermaFlex 1.5mm Legs; unsurpassed versatility. Pair it with a ThermaFlex 1.5mm Top in warmer climes; add PolyPro beneath for a heat boost or use as a winterising layer when it's cold. Perfect with or without ProHike pads. When used with the Rooster® ProHike Pads experience the ultimate in hiking support or when worn alone make use of the unrestrictive fit and superior knock protection.

Laundry instructions We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.

  • 1.5mm / 4-way SuperStretch Neoprene: For unrestricted movement and superior knock protection.
  • Soft Inner Plush Lining
  • Comfortable & unrestrictive; designed with tailored fit suitable for both trapeze & hiking crews.
  • Duratex II wear resistant knee and seat panels
  • ProHikeTM Pad Compatible
Size Chart

To use the size chart, find a size that best fits your waist and inside leg measurements. If you can't match both of these criteria, please take into account your body shape and choose the closest match.

Size   Inside Leg Waist
Junior Small   59.5-63.5cm 55-60cm
Junior Large   64.5-67cm 63.5-67cm
X-Small     69.5cm 71-76cm
Small   72.5cm 74-76cm
Medium   75cm 79-84cm
Large   77.5cm 87-94cm
X-Large   80cm 97-102cm
2X-Large   81.5cm 104-109cm



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