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Polyloc Rope 4mm

Τιμή: 1,50 €

Manufacturer: Rooster Sailing
Τιμή: 1.50€/m.

This rope is ideal as a control line where a little stretch is not critical but good cleating is essential.

The cover is a multifilament polypropylene which does not absorb water and the core is 100% polyester for maximum tenacity.

Diameter (mm);Weight (kg/100m)Breaking Load (kg)
4 1.2 220

About control lines: Spectwelve is not for your hands, but rather is the 'easy spliceable' 12 braid Dyneema® to take the huge primary loads in your control systems. For your hands choose from; Polyloc for a reassuring, hard wearing, easy cleating control line; Polisprint for low friction adjustment; or EasySplice if you are looking for a continuous control line solution. AllSpec Pro is available if low stretch is required.

  • 8-plait polyester core
  • Multifilament polypropylene cover
  • Excellent cleating

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